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About the Database

This database was primarily developed for the purpose of providing regional organizations who are part of the ROADS partnership, based in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, with a place to store and share data that they have downloaded for various purposes.  In 2014, this database was made available for public use. (Learn more on our About page.) Partners make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this data, though we can not guarantee its perfection. The database is also not considered comprehensive meaning that many data variables are available for only certain years or certain geographies. If the table you download has a blank field, it means there is no data for that time/geography/variable combination. Nonetheless, we hope you find it a useful resource!

About the Data

Find a list of data sources, descriptions, and checklist of which years we have collected each data variable for thus far in our INDEX file (.xls). Please keep in mind that this is a database of convenience and is not comprehensive. Not all variables have data for all geographies for all years. The Regional Definitions page provides a summary of which specific areas are included in each "regional geography" displayed in the data query form.

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